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chipotle chillies

chipotle chillies have a very smokey flavour, and are sometimes found in an adobo sauce widely used in america, not as hot as the arbol would say a medium heat

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chipotle chillies are a smokey flavoured chilli and are quite warm!

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Product Category: Herbs
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Chives 5g

Chives have a delicate flavour, which compliments egg dishes and salads.

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Cilantro 20g.

Dried coriander leaves.

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Coriander Fresh Bunch

Fresh coriander leaves are best bought with the roots still attatched, they will last longer, and are used in Asian cooking. Add fresh coriander leaves in the last 5 minutes of cooking to get the best flavour. Most popular in indian, Asian, Mexican and Middle Eastern cooking. Although I have it on just about everything!

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cinnamon gd 250g

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Cinnamon Ground 60g

The aromatic powder from the cinnamon quill, which is similar in colour, with a sweet, woody fragrance. Ground cinnamon is used in cakes, pastries, fruit pies and milk puddings. It is also in garam masala and mixed spice.

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Cinnamon Quills 7.5cm 30g

Layers of paper thin bark rolled into cylinders, cinnamon quills are pale brown to tan in colour. A sweet, woody taste. Use the quills when cooking curries, fruit or rice dishes

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cinnamon sticks 100g

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Cinnamon Sugar 100g

A mixture of cinnamon and caster sugar. Great for cinnamon toast

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citrus peel - dried

Dried mix of orange and mandarin peel.

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Cloves Ground 50g

Used sparingly, ground cloves add a warm, spicy flavour to preserves, cakes, pastries, milk puddings and vegetable dishes. Ground cloves should be dark brown in colour. This is an indiction that the wole cloves have been recently milled.

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Cloves Whole 50g

Whole cloves are the dried, unopened flower buds of a small evergreen tree. The aroma of cloves is intense. A warm, sweet, slightly peppery taste with a numbing effect. Whole cloves are used in stewed fruit, baked ham, pickles, and the essential component of a pomander. (Orange clove). When used sparingly, cloes bring a pleasing freshness and sweet spicy flavour to food.

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coriander gd 250g

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Coriander Ground 60g

See coriander seed for descripton.

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coriander seed 250g

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Coriander Seed 50g

A very useful spice to have in the kitchen. It is nearly impossible to use to much coriander seed. Coriander mixes well with both sweet and savoury spice blends, balnacing out the sweeter and more pungent flavours. An important ingredient in curry powders, mixed spice and moroccan spice blends. To reduce the heat in a curry powder, add a considerable amount of ground coriander seed compared to chilli powder. Some recipes will call for lightly roasted coriander seeds before grinding. This changes the flavour and is popular in many Indian, Asian and North African recipes. Never roast the seeds for sweets such as cakes, pies and fruit dishes.

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Citric Acid 100g

To be updated soon.

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Couscous Morrocan 1Kg

To be updated soon

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Corn Flour 1Kg

The main use for cornflour is as a thickening agent.

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