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Product Category: Beans/Pulses
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Black Eyed Beans/Pulses 500g

A medium sized kidney shaped bean with a sweet, pea like flavour. No soaking required. Cooking time-40-60 minutes. Goes well mixed with vegetables.

$$7.50 AUD

Black Turtle Beans/Pulses 1Kg

Black turtle beans are a shiny, kidney shaped bean. Popular in Latin America, they have a sweet, earthy flavour. Soak overnight. Cooking time- approx. 1 hour.

$$7.90 AUD

Blue Peas 1Kg

Blue peas are used for the famous English pie with mushy peas. Also use in soups, stews and casseroles. Soak overnight.

$$7.90 AUD

Borlotti Beans/Pulses 1Kg

Borlotti beans have a smooth creamy texture, and are popular in Italian cooking. Soak overnight. Cooking time- approx. 40 minutes.

$$7.90 AUD

Broad Beans/Pulses 1kg

Broad beans are an oval shaped bean with a creamy nutty flavour. Popular in Middle Eastern and Mediterranean dishes. Soak overnight. Cooking time- approx. 40 minutes.

$$5.90 AUD

Product Category: Curry Powders
Product Price

Bombay Curry Powder 70g

A mild, yet very aromatic curry powder. Bombay curry is a popular one with the kids.

$$3.50 AUD

Butter Chicken 70g


$$4.50 AUD

Product Category: Miscellaneous
Product Price

Borghul Coarse 1Kg.

To be updated soon.

$$5.50 AUD

Borghul Fine 1Kg.

To be updated soon.

$$5.50 AUD

Buckwheat Raw 1Kg

Use whole buckwheat in pilafs or stuffings.

$$5.90 AUD

Bush dust 50g.

A flavoursome combination of macadamia nuts, Tasmanian native pepper, bush tomatoes, herbs and spices. Best used by dipping bread in olive oil and then in the dust.

$$11.90 AUD

Bush dust 80g.

For a description, see bush dust 50g.

$$14.50 AUD

Product Category: Herbs
Product Price

Bouqet Garni bags

Our bouquet garni is a mixxure of parsley, thyme and bay leaves wrapped in muslin cloth. Place them in your soups, stews and casseroles. Bouquet garni means 'bunch of herbs'.

$$1.50 AUD

bush tomatoes ground


$$5.00 AUD

Product Category: Flours
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Buckwheat Flour Organic 1Kg

Buckwheat flour is used to make pancakes, noodles or mixed with other flours for baking.

$$12.90 AUD

Product Category: Spices
Product Price

Bush Tomatoes 25g

Tangy native spice.

$$6.50 AUD

Bush Tomatoes Ground 25g

Same as Whole Bush Tomatoes but already ground for your convenience.

$$6.50 AUD

Cajun Spice 60g

Cajun spice mix is a traditional New Orleans hot spice blend used for making Cajun blackened fish or chicken. A blend of herbs and spices consisting of basil, thyme, parsley, paprika, chilli, pepper, onion and garlic.

$$3.50 AUD

Product Category: Chillies
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californian chillies

Are a mild red chilli

$$5.90 AUD

Product Category: Nuts
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Candle Nuts 80g

Candle nuts are used to thicken many Asian dishes. DO NOT eat these nuts raw, as they are slightly toxic. Once cooked the toxicity dissisaptes.

$$3.00 AUD