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Product Category: Curry Powders
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Tandoori Mix 60g

A base spice mixture for cooking tandoori/tikka. You will need to use tandoori colour with this base mixture.

$$3.50 AUD

Thai Curry Powder 70g

Made here at Spice World, our Thai curry powder compliments all meat, seafood and vegetable thai curry recipes. Try adding 1-2 tablespoons to laksa. A hot curry powder with citrus tones.

$$3.50 AUD

Product Category: Flours
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Tapioca Flour 1Kg

A flavourless flour used as a thickening agent. Can be used with other flours for baking breads.

$$4.50 AUD

Product Category: Herbs
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Tarragon 15g

French tarragon has smooth, dark green, narrow leaves. The most popular use for tarragon is in French cooking, especially sauces such as bernaise and tartare. Fresh leaves can be used to flavour white wine vinegar, which can be used for salad dressings and mustards. Tarragon will compliment egg dishes, seafood, chicken and turkey.

$$3.00 AUD

Tarragon Ground 40g

See tarragon for a spice description.

$$5.00 AUD

Thyme 30g

Thyme has a distinct savoury flavour which adds depth to soups, casseroles and stews. Thyme will compliment almost any meat dish, including chicken. Also great with tomatoes, potatoes and green beans. Thyme is one of the herbs that is best used dry, as the flavour becomes stronger.

$$3.00 AUD

Thyme Ground 40g

See Thyme for a description.

$$3.00 AUD

Tomatoes Bush 25g

Native to Australia, bush tomatoes have a caramel like flavour. Use in sauces and chutneys. Add small amounts to start with as the flavour can be bitter.

$$4.00 AUD

Product Category: Spices
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Tasmanian Saffron (tas saff) 100mg.

Founded in 1991, Tas-Saff is an expanding network of Australian Growers, dedicated to producing high quality saffron. The 100ml. glass vial contains on average 20 crocus flowers.




$$9.90 AUD

Tumeric Powder 80g

Turmeric is not only used for its colour. It has an earthy flavour, and when blended with other spices turmeric makes an important contribution to the flavour. Almost always used in curry powders and Moroccan spice blends. When colouring rice, fry chopped onion in a little oil with cumin seeds and turmeric before adding water and rice.

$$3.00 AUD

turmeric 250g

turmeric is widely used in indian cooking and very good medicinal uses, arthritis, cancer and dementia

$$8.00 AUD

turmeric gd 500g

$$10.50 AUD

Product Category: Miscellaneous
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Tasmanian Southern Ocean Jade Salt 50g.

Blended from the purest Australian Southern Ocean sea salt, wild seaweed from Tasmania's spectacular east coast and a unique seasoning of herbs to bring out the full flavour of every sort of seafood.

$$4.50 AUD

Turkish Bread Mix 50g

To be updated soon

$$3.00 AUD

Turkish Figs 375g.

To be updated soon.

$$4.50 AUD

Turkish Figs 500g.

To be updated soon.

$$9.50 AUD

Product Category: Rice
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Thai Jasmine 1Kg.

Grown mainly in Thailand, thai jasmine is an aromatic rice often served with Thai and Chinese dishes.

$$5.90 AUD

Product Category: Beans/Pulses
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Toor Dahl 1kg.

Use in dahls, soups, stews and casseroles. Soak overnight. Cooking time - 30-45 minutes.

$$8.50 AUD

Urid Dahl 1Kg

The creamy white interior of whole urid.

$$7.90 AUD

Urid Dahl Whole 1Kg

An Indian lentil like bean with black skin covering a creamy white interior. They are rich in flavour giving a thick consistency to the dish. Soak overnight. Cooking time- 40-60 minutes.

$$5.80 AUD