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Product Category: Spices
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Mango Powder (Amchur) 50g

An Indian spice made from finely ground, dried unripe mangoes. It has a tart lemony taste. Used in some Indian meat dishes as an acidulant and tenderiser, and in southern Indian vegetarian dishes, especially when cooking chickpeas. Also used in samosas, grilled meats and salad dressings. 2-3 tablespoons of lemon juice may be substituted for 1 teaspoon of amchur powder

$$3.00 AUD

Mexican Seasoning 70g

Our Mexican Seasoning can be used to flavour dishes such as Chilli con carne and other Mexican bean and minced beef dishes. Great used as a taco seasoning. A mixture consisting of chilli, paprika and cumin gives this blend an earthy roundness to your dish, which some people prefer instad of straight chilli.

$$3.50 AUD

Mixed Spice 60g

Mixed Spice is a sweet spice blend, popular in European cooking, and is often used to flavour fruit cakes, sweet pies and other sweet pastries. Coriander seed is used, along with sweet and pungent spices.

$$3.00 AUD

Product Category: Herbs
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Marjoram 15g

When using dried marjoram, add a third less than you would fresh as the flavour of marjoram intesifies when it id dried. Often included in herb blends, and can be added to a variety of savory dishes. Marjoram is considered to be a spieces of oregano with a sweeter flavour.

$$3.00 AUD

Marjoram Ground 40g

See marjoram for a description.

$$3.00 AUD

mexican oregano

lovely mexican flavour!

$$3.00 AUD

Mint 20g


This is the course, round, crinkly leaf variety of spearmint known in Australia as common or garden mint. Mint compliments chicken, pork and veal. Is especially nice sprinkled on pink eye potatoes, or new potatoes, peas and salads.

$$3.00 AUD

Mixed Herbs 25g

A popular herb blend that adds a lift to almost any savoury dish. The blend that we keep consists of oregano, basil, marjoram and sage.

$$3.00 AUD

Mixed Herbs Ground 40g

See mixed herbs for a description..

$$3.00 AUD

Mloukhia Ground 50g

See Mloukhia leaves for a description.

$$3.00 AUD

Mloukhia Leaves 200g

Otherwise known as Egytian spinach, dried mloukhia leaves are used as a thickner in a stew containing lamb, beef or veal called mloukhia. Can also be used as a thickner in soups.

$$5.90 AUD

Product Category: Miscellaneous
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Mastic 5g

To be updated soon.

$$4.90 AUD

morels mushrooms

Morels are quite expensive but well worth the money! they add a smokey, earthy, meaty flavour  to  soups and risottos and make a beautiful flavour addition to any meals

$$20.00 AUD

Muesli 1Kg

To be updated soon

$$8.90 AUD

Product Category: Rice
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Mehran Basmati Rice 1Kg.

Basmati is a fragrant long grain rice with a very pleasing flavour. When cooked it becomes fluffy and will not stick together. Basmati is grown in the Himalaylas and Pakistan.

$$5.50 AUD

Mehran Basmati Rice 20Kg.

To be updated soon.

$$90.00 AUD

Mehran Basmati Rice 5Kg.

To be updated soon.


$$25.00 AUD

Product Category: Chillies
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Mundu Chillies 20g

Mundu chillies are a small round chilli grown in India. They have a moderate heat level with fruity tones.

$$3.00 AUD

Product Category: Beans/Pulses
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Mung Beans/Pulses 1Kg.

Mung beans are a small green bean with a yellow interior. They are mild in flavour, can be eaten whole, split with skin on or, split and hulled (mung dahl). Use in salads, soups, dahl, and for sprouting. Popular in Indian cooking. Generally mung beans or dahl do not require pre-soaking. Cooking time- 25- 35 minutes.

$$5.90 AUD

Mung Dahl 1Kg.

See Mung beans for description.

$$6.90 AUD