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Product Category: Beans/Pulses
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Red Kidney Beans/Pulses 1Kg.

Use for soups, stews, casseroles and salads. Popular in Mexican cooking.

$$6.90 AUD

Red Lentils 1Kg.

Red lentils do not require soaking before use. Use for sooups, dahls, stews, casseroles and purees.

$$5.90 AUD

Soy Beans/Pulses 1Kg

The humble soy bean has many health benefits. They have a nutty flavour. Soak overnight. Cooking time- approx. 1 hour.

$$6.90 AUD

Toor Dahl 1kg.

Use in dahls, soups, stews and casseroles. Soak overnight. Cooking time - 30-45 minutes.

$$7.50 AUD

Urid Dahl 1Kg

The creamy white interior of whole urid.

$$7.90 AUD

Urid Dahl Whole 1Kg

An Indian lentil like bean with black skin covering a creamy white interior. They are rich in flavour giving a thick consistency to the dish. Soak overnight. Cooking time- 40-60 minutes.

$$7.90 AUD

Yellow Split Peas. 1Kg.

Most commonly used in pea soup. Can also be used for Indian dahls. Soak overnight.

$$5.50 AUD