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Product Category: Beans/Pulses
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Adzuki Beans/Pulses 1Kg

A small, reddish brown bean with a sweet nutty flavour. They can be cooked with rice to give an attractive pink colour to the rice. In the east they are sweetened with sugar and made into cakes. Soak overnight. Cooking time- 30-45 minutes.

$$9.90 AUD

Black Eyed Beans/Pulses 1Kg

A medium sized kidney shaped bean with a sweet, pea like flavour. No soaking required. Cooking time-40-60 minutes. Goes well mixed with vegetables.

$$7.50 AUD

Black Turtle Beans/Pulses 1Kg

Black turtle beans are a shiny, kidney shaped bean. Popular in Latin America, they have a sweet, earthy flavour. Soak overnight. Cooking time- approx. 1 hour.

$$7.90 AUD

Blue Peas 1Kg

Blue peas are used for the famous English pie with mushy peas. Also use in soups, stews and casseroles. Soak overnight.

$$7.90 AUD

Borlotti Beans/Pulses 1Kg

Borlotti beans have a smooth creamy texture, and are popular in Italian cooking. Soak overnight. Cooking time- approx. 40 minutes.

$$7.90 AUD

Broad Beans/Pulses 500g

Broad beans are an oval shaped bean with a creamy nutty flavour. Popular in Middle Eastern and Mediterranean dishes. Soak overnight. Cooking time- approx. 40 minutes.

$$4.50 AUD

Cannellini Beans/Pulses 1Kg

Cannellini beans have a mild flavour. They are popular in Italy, especially Tuscany. Soak overnight. Cooking time- approx. 40 minutes.

$$8.90 AUD

Chana Dahl

Chana dahl resembles yellow split peas, which is sometimes used as a substitute. It has a sweet flavour that will not go mushy. They do not require soaking. Use for dahls, soups, salads and purees.

$$6.50 AUD

Chickpeas 1Kg

Chickpeas are a medium sized pea with a nutty flavour. The Chickpea holds it shape well when cooked. Soak overnight. Cooking time- approx.40 minutes. Chickpeas are the main ingredient of the delicious Middle Eastern dip hommus.

$$6.90 AUD

Fine Barley 1Kg.

The most popular use for fine barley is for soups, stews and casseroles.

$$3.50 AUD

Green Split Peas 1Kg.

Split peas are commonly used to make pea soup. Soak overnight. Also use for pease pudding and salads.

$$5.50 AUD

Green/Brown Lentils 1Kg.

Use for soups, stews, casseroles and dahls.

$$5.50 AUD

Haricot Beans/Pulses 1Kg

Also known as navy beans, haricots are the beans used in baked beans. Soak overnight. Cooking time- 45-60 minutes.

$$8.90 AUD

Light Red Kidney Beans/Pulses 1Kg.

Light red kidney beans are popular in some regions of India where it is made into a thick curry with tomatoes.

$$9.90 AUD

Lima Beans/Pulses 500g

Lima beans are a large white bean with a delicate flavour. Soak overnight. Boil slowly to prevent skin slipping off. (40 minutes).

$$7.90 AUD

Linseed 1kg

$$7.90 AUD

Mung Beans/Pulses 1Kg.

Mung beans are a small green bean with a yellow interior. They are mild in flavour, can be eaten whole, split with skin on or, split and hulled (mung dahl). Use in salads, soups, dahl, and for sprouting. Popular in Indian cooking. Generally mung beans or dahl do not require pre-soaking. Cooking time- 25- 35 minutes.

$$6.90 AUD

Mung Dahl 1Kg.

See Mung beans for description.

$$6.90 AUD

Mung Split W/Skin 1Kg.

See Mung beans for description.

$$6.90 AUD

Pearl Barley 1Kg

Hulled and polished barley. Added to soups, stews and casseroles to thicken them. Also used to make a refreshing drink base made from the water in which the barley is boiled, flavoured with lemon, lime or orange.

$$3.90 AUD