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Product Category: Chillies
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Habenero Chillies 50g

Habenero chillies are one of the hottest chillies in the world. As with all chillies, take care when handling them. Use in sauces, marinades and pickles.

$$9.90 AUD

japone chillies

japone chillies are very hot, they are bright red in colour and can be used in replace of arbol chillies

$$5.90 AUD

Kashmiri Chillies 20g

Kashmiri chillies are widely used throughout India. They are a mild chilli.

$$3.00 AUD

Mundu Chillies 20g

Mundu chillies are a small round chilli grown in India. They have a moderate heat level with fruity tones.

$$3.00 AUD

Negro/Pasilla Chillies 50g

negro/pasilla chillies are long wrinkly black chillies, often used in making mole sauces, mild

$$5.90 AUD

new mexico chillies

new mexico chillies have an earthy flavour, they are hotter and more flavourful than the california chilli, mildish!

$$5.90 AUD

new mexico ground chilli

new mexico chillies have an earthy flavour and are a medium heat

$$3.00 AUD