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ancho chillies

ancho chillies are very mild chillies, commonly used in mexican quisine

$$5.90 AUD

Ancho Chillies 50g.

To be updated.

$$5.90 AUD

Ancho Ground 50g

ancho ground can be used the same as the whole dried chillies

$$4.00 AUD

Arbol Chillies 15g

Arbol chillies are very hot. They start out green, and when mature they turn bright red. Arbol chillies are used in many Mexican dishes, soups and sauces. Because of their thin skin, they are easy to grind into a powder.

$$3.00 AUD

Arbol Chillies 50g

arbol chillies are a fairly hot red chilli, can replace with cayenne chillies or japone chillies

$$5.90 AUD

Birdseye Chillies 20g

See fresh birdseye chillies for a description.

$$3.00 AUD

californian chillies

Are a mild red chilli

$$5.90 AUD

Chilli Amarillo 50g


$$5.90 AUD

Chilli Birdseye Fresh $45.00Kg

Birdseye chillies are hot. Often used in Thai cooking, stir-frys, salsas and casseroles.

$$45.00 AUD

Chilli Cascobel 50g


$$5.90 AUD

Chilli Mulato 50g


$$5.90 AUD

Chilli Piquin 50g


$$7.90 AUD

Chilli Scotch Bonnets Fresh $25.00Kg

Scotch bonnets are a small chilli with alot of heat! Popular in Caribbean cooking.

$$29.00 AUD

Chillies Large 15g

Large red chillies are mild in taste.

$$3.00 AUD

Chipotle Chillies 50g

chipotle chillies have a very smokey flavour, and are sometimes found in an adobo sauce widely used in america, not as hot as the arbol would say a medium heat

$$6.50 AUD

Chipotles 100g

chipotle chillies are a smokey flavoured chilli and are quite warm!

$$12.50 AUD

Crushed Chillies 40g

Crushed ffrom a selection of dried chillies, including the seeds. Hot.

$$3.00 AUD

Espelette Pepper Pdr 40g

From France

$$25.00 AUD

Guajillo Chillies 50g

guajillo chillies are a medium to hot chilli, they need to be soaked longer than others as they have a smooth shiny skin and are tougher skinned  than   other chillies!

$$5.90 AUD

Habanero Chillies 50g

habanero chillies are the hottest of the chillies we are able to get, they are extremely hot and must be handled carefully when cutting or using in dishes

$$9.90 AUD