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Dill Tips 20g

Dill tips are harvested when the plant is not yet mature. Dried dill tips will keep for 12 months in an air tight glass jar away from direct sunlight.

$$3.00 AUD

Elderflower 25g


$$4.00 AUD

Galangal Fresh $39.00 Kg

The fresh galangal that we stock is also known as greater galangal. Galangal comes from the ginger family. It is mostly used in South East Asian cooking, particularly Thai food. It has a tangy, biting taste, and will be found with lemongrass and kaffir lime leaves in Thai hot and sour soups, sambals, and many seafood dishes and stir-frys. Scrape or cut off the skin, and grate or finely slice.

$$29.50 AUD

Galangal Powder (Laos) 50g

Use ground galangal when the fresh is unavailable. An ingredient of the Moraccan spice blend, ras el hanout.

$$3.00 AUD

Garlic Fresh Organic $45.00Kg

The organic garlic that we stock is the Tasmanian purple, which is predominately grown down the Channel and Huon regions. It is clearly recognisable by its deep purple colour, and has an intense flavour far superior to ordinary garlic. Garlic is found in most savoury dishes from all over the world, especially Indian, Mexican, Asian and Mediterranean.

$$45.00 AUD

Ginger Fresh $14.90Kg

 Ginger has a sharp, tangy, biting flavour. Its warmth will compliment both sweet and savoury dishes. To use, peel off the skin, and grate or finely slice the required amount. Fresh ginger can be stored in the freezer for up to 3 months. Fresh ginger is used in many Asian dishes with garlic, chilli, lemongrass, lime leaves and coriander.

$$14.90 AUD

Hamburger Herbs 30g

a lovely mix of herbs, basil, thyme, rosemary, chives,parsley, and salt and pepper makes a lovely hamburger!

$$3.50 AUD

Herbes de Provence 25g

Herbes de Provence is a traditional blend from Southern France. Mix with olive oil and coat over chicken, fish, roast turkey, beef or lamb. It is also used for seasoning salads, potaotes, tomatoes, soups and stews. The herbs that we use in our herbes de provence are, thyme, marjoram, summer savory, lavender, oregano, parsley and rosemary.

$$3.00 AUD

Herbes Fines 10g

Herbes fines is a French herb blend consisting of French tarragon, parsley, chervil and chives. Use in egg dishes such as omelettes, srambled eggs and quiches.

$$3.00 AUD

Horseradish Flakes 50g

Dried horseradish flakes are a good substitute to make sauces and salad dressings. They require a long soaking time as they are quite hard.

$$5.00 AUD

Italian Herbs 20g

A herb blend with chilli flakes in it, Italian herbs will compliment bolognese sauce, pasta dishes and pizzas. Also use in stews, casseroles and as a rub for roast meats.

$$3.00 AUD

Kaffir Lime Leaves Dried 6g

Dried kaffir lime leaves are a good substitue when fresh is unavailable. They should be green and not yellow. They will keep for up to 12 months in an airtight container away from direct sunlight. The only time dreid lime leaves are not suitable is when making salads.

$$3.50 AUD

Kaffir Lime Leaves Fresh 10g

Kaffir lime leaves do not come from the common fruit bearing varieties such as Tahatian or West Indian limes. The tree that they do come from is small and shrubby with needle sharp spikes and double leaves. The fruit that it produces (kaffir lime) has a rough, knobbly surface with thick skin. The limes are mainly used for their zest. Use fresh lime leaves in salads, laksa, stir frys and curries containing coconut cream. The taste of kaffir lime leaves is citrus like.

$$4.00 AUD

Lemon Grass Fresh Bunch

The flavour of lemongrass is similar to the zest of lemons. It is used extensively in South East Asian cooking in a number of ways. Firstly you can tie the full length in a knot to place in simmering liquids, removing at the end of cooking. To crush in a mortar and pestle, or to thinly slice, cut the end off, and peel away any upper section that is leaf like and not tightly rolled. Slice the white part only very finely.

$$3.90 AUD

Limes Black (Loomi) 50g

Loomi is dried limes, boiled in salt and water and sun dried until the interior turns almost black. Often used to impart a citrus flavour to Iranian meat and vegetable dishes.

$$3.00 AUD

Marjoram 15g

When using dried marjoram, add a third less than you would fresh as the flavour of marjoram intesifies when it id dried. Often included in herb blends, and can be added to a variety of savory dishes. Marjoram is considered to be a spieces of oregano with a sweeter flavour.

$$3.00 AUD

Marjoram Ground 40g

See marjoram for a description.

$$3.00 AUD

Mexican Oregano 25g

lovely mexican flavour!

$$3.50 AUD

Mint 20g


This is the course, round, crinkly leaf variety of spearmint known in Australia as common or garden mint. Mint compliments chicken, pork and veal. Is especially nice sprinkled on pink eye potatoes, or new potatoes, peas and salads.

$$3.00 AUD

Mixed Herbs 25g

A popular herb blend that adds a lift to almost any savoury dish. The blend that we keep consists of oregano, basil, marjoram and sage.

$$3.00 AUD