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Green Zahtar 60g

made with roasted, wheat, roasted sesame seeds, sumac thyme and salt, used traditionally as a sprinkle for meat and vegetables and also used on breads, pizzas and pita breads

$$3.50 AUD

Hamburger Seasoning 60g

great spice mix for  making tasty hamburgers

$$3.50 AUD

Harissa Powder 70g

A Tunisian spice blend. The main ingredient is chilli, and lots of it! Paprika, caraway, cumin, coriander, spearmint and salt make up the rest of the blend. Mix with olive oil to form a paste. Used with cooked meats. Across from us at Ephah Cafe they combine harissa paste and mayonnaise in one of their toasted foccacias. Sensational!

A Spice World blend.

$$4.50 AUD

Herb & Garlic Powder 70g

Made at Spice World, herb and garlic is a mild all purpose seasoning. Adds a nice touch to something as simple as grilled cheese on toast. Just sprinkle on after grilling.

$$3.50 AUD

Iranian saffron1g.

Saffron is the dark orange-red stamen of a mauve, autumn flowering crocus. It is hand picked and labour intensive. You need over 500 000 stamens to make just 1kg. of saffron. This is why saffron is the most expensive spice in the world and should be used sparingly. Saffron is appreciated for its delicate, yet distinctive flavour and striking colour. Some traditional uses are for Indian rice dishes, French soup bouillabaisse, Spanish paellas and saffron cakes and buns. Saffron threads are infused in water overnight to release its colour and flavour. The liquid and the strands are usually added towards the end of the cooking process.



$$25.00 AUD

Jerk Spice 60g

jerk spice, traditionally a jamaican spice mix, used mainly on pork or chicken and more recently on fish, a hot and spicy rub for meats!

$$4.50 AUD

Juniper Berries 40g

Juniper berries have a strong woody aroma, reminiscent of gin. They compliment duck, pork, venison and game. Juniper berries can also be added to fish, lamb and chicken, and blends well with thyme, sage, oregano, marjoram and bay leaves and allspice. The ripe berries are used for distillation of the oil for making gin. Pregnant women and people with kidney problems are advised to avoid juniper. 

$$3.50 AUD

Kampot Pepper Black 50g

hot and fruity flavour pepper

$$9.90 AUD

Kampot Pepper Red 50g

Milder than the Black.

$$12.90 AUD

Kampot Pepper White 50g

hotter flavour than the black pepper

$$12.90 AUD

Kencur 50g

also known as lesser galangal, indonesian

$$3.00 AUD

Kokum 50g

Kokam is used as a souring agent, much the same way as tamarind. Its mild fruity flavour has a milder effect than tamarind or amchur. The pieces are added whole to a dish, first making sure there are no stones.

$$3.50 AUD

Kunzea 20g

To be updated soon.

$$3.00 AUD

Lebanese 7 Spice Mix 70g

lovely combination of traditional lebanese spices

$$4.00 AUD

Lemon Grass Powder 40g

Lemon grass in its powdered form is mainly used in dry asian curry powders. It is not a good substitue for fresh lemon grass, as it loses its strong flavour when dried.

$$3.00 AUD

Lemon Myrtle Leaves 6g

Lemon Myrtle is native to Australia. Its citral content is abaout 90%, compared to only 6% in lemons. Lemon myrtle should be used in small amounts, up to 1/2 teaspoon of powder, or 1-2 leaves to 500g. meat or vegetables. Can be used to flavour cakes, shortbread biscuits, pavlova, muffins and pancakes.

$$2.00 AUD

Lemon Myrtle Powder 20g

See Lemon Myrtle Leaves.

$$3.50 AUD

Lemon Pepper 80g

This citrus peppery spice rub is delicous rubbed onto fish and chicken. Add a teaspoon of lemon pepper to melted butter and pour over pinkeye potatoes or new potatoes.


$$3.50 AUD

Licorice Root 40g

The licorice plant is a perennial herb with long roots. The roots can be added to stewed fruits along with star anise and vanilla. It is also an ingredient in an asian master stock, (a thick sweet soy sauce). The extract is used to make the candy.

$$3.50 AUD

Licorice Root Kibbled 30g

See Licorice root.

$$3.00 AUD